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The FitDisc is a completely new product being introduced to the fitness community and focuses on compound lifts. Working both isometrically and dynamically. Workout in less time, with less space using the FitDisc. Train Different. The Bundle kit comes with EVERYTHING you need to get an amazing workout at home or on the go. Take the Disc with you anywhere.


The FitDisc bundle includes the FitDisc, a full set of resistance bands ranging in weight from 15-30lbs, and can be combined to provide upwards of 90lbs of resistance, weight that you will likely be unable to lift anyway. Just saying. In addition to the bands, it will come with a door anchor, resistance band carrying case It will not come with a FitDisc carrying case. The disc is ideal for individuals who already have a set of resistance bands, or their primary use for the disc will be in a gym setting. If you want a t-shirt, please be sure to add it to your cart as well, select the size and add it – there are no additional fees required for the t-shirt, it is a FREE shirt.  


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