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Gerald McDermott

This thing is pretty cool. I am always looking for ways to add variety to my training and ideally, ways to make lighter weight more challenging.

When the package arrived, I was concerned that it was not recommended to exceed 80 lbs. with this attachment. All that it took was one workout to put my concerns to rest. It’s rather humbling to be using 20 lbs. on a tricep pushdown or cable curl, and it’s even more humbling to be feeling the effects from 20 lbs.

Every rep with this thing incorporates an isometric hold with whatever exercise you are doing. You must stay very tight and each rep must be deliberate. I will use this often as a finisher in my workouts and I look forward to experimenting with it. Thanks for a unique product.

October 31, 2019

Dave P

Love it! What a unique workout. It’s really all I need and some evenings it’s all I use. But I love the feel it gives when I use it to complete my work out. Brings the burn in an overall way. Hit’s so many muscle groups at once and really helps bring definition. Highly recommend to the serious lifter or the beginner.

Makes me want to work out every night. Plus the service department was a huge help and patient with my questions.

September 6, 2019


This thing is AMAZING!

I have tons of different cable attachments and grip accessories for my home gym, but these are super unique.

There is nothing else out there even close to these. The range of motion and smoothness of their rotation will give you a full body workout like you’ve never been able to get before you bought these.

Their disk design forces you to push your palms together to hold these, totally taking your finger grip strength out of your exercise. I could see these for rehab work too depending on your injury. Wood Choppers and side twists will never be done again with out this device for me. I really can’t say enough about the design for uniqueness and the solid construction quality as well, and at this price you too should get one of these.

June 24, 2019

Jason T.

The first thing I noticed is how much more of your body you have to use to perform otherwise simple exercises such as curls or triceps pull-downs.

Pancaking the FitDisc between your hands really took a toll on parts of the body I did not expect. Curls actually made my chest sore and pull-downs really hit my rear shoulders. Very effective when you find a controllable resistance weight that your hands can support.

Tested it with heavier weight, but the weak link was my hands being able to hold onto it. Gloves help, but it seems best suited for high repetition workouts with lower weight. Highly recommended for quality and functionality. However, big weight pushers might find this product less useful. Still worth the price if you’re looking for something different that actually gives you a great workout.

May 14, 2019

Paul Greco

Couldn’t think of a better piece of equipment to change up our routine, and it’s small enough to pack in your gym bag or even just use at home in your home gym. Great product that is built well.

We’re very happy to be adding the FitDisc into our daily workouts…would recommend this to anyone from the gym rats to the beginners…you won’t regret trying this out!

March 27, 2019

Tim Bryant

The FitDisc hits muscles in a unique way. It is especially good at hitting the chest muscles. Perfect for those without access to, or space for, a bench press.

Seems pretty solidly built. The rotation is very smooth. The padding is very easy on the hands as well.

August 11, 2015

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