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Frequently asked questions about the basics

Where Can I Buy It?

Currently – the Disc is sold online only. You can find it directly from this website, or through Amazon.

How Do I use It?

One of the questions we get almost every time, and something we expected. Considering we designed it to be different than anything else. In most cases, when lifting weight you will wrap your fingers around a bar to lift it. with push-ups, you will lay your palms flat on the ground and push against the floor to get the needed resistance.

With the Disc, you will put your palms together much like a ‘prayer pose’ and squeeze. Matter of fact, try that right now as you are reading this. Put your palms together and push them against each other to a count of 10. Be mindful of all of the muscles engaging, even your core to help you stabilize. Now, try the same thing but slowly move your hands away from your chest, and then back. See how different those feelings are?

That is how the Disc is used. Just attach the disc to a resistance band, or any weight machine and put the disc between your palms and lift. The lifts you’re used to, curls, squats, presses, triceps everything…Just with a twist.

How Much Weight Can It Hold?

The Disc is rated at 85lbs at the moment. We are currently working with engineers to increase that number. However, we will let you know that lifting the disc is unlike anything else you have done, which means you will feel it working on weight 1/2 or even 1/3 of what you were doing previously. That is one of the biggest surprises with the Disc when we introduce it, they will attach a 30lb weight thinking thats not enough, and 5 reps in realize…that’s just right.

What Equipment Do I Need To Buy?

The FitDisc is truly a unique piece of equipment. So unique, that all you really need to get a good workout, is the disc itself and a single resistance band. While, we do offer a number of variable weight resistance bands a single band can get you started.

In addition, we have designed the disc to be compatible with existing bands you might have, and can be attached to almost any weight cable machine you have at home, or in the gym.

Can I Use It On Other Equipment?

YES! We suggest you to do so – the FitDisc started actually as a gym cable machine attachment. Something that you would be able to take it with you and attach anywhere that has some sort of weight system. Local gyms, at home, in the hotel room, at the hotel gym!

Seriously, we made it easy to take with you on the go.

Can I Take This Into The Gym?

YES! We have spoken to a number of gyms and all of it has been allowed without restriction because the FitDisc does not interfere with existing equipment, just creates an alternate attachment. Of course, in some cases your local boutique gyms may have other restrictions – but very unlikely.

If you have specific questions or gym approval requests please reach out.

How Much Space Is Needed At Home?

Well, the disc itself is about the size of a Medium Pizza – and to get a good workout you really only need a few resistance bands. So, all of that can fit nicely in a drawer, under your bed, in a closet, or any small space.

As for the space needed to workout, find a space that is about 5′ x 5′ at minimum, this will give you enough space all around to do movements needed. The FitDisc can be used by itself with a resistance band in the middle of a room or even attached to a door using a door anchor that is included with some of our bundles. Even then, in most cases, you won’t need to make space for it, since there isn’t much space needed.

Difficulties To Overcome

Frequently asked questions about being a member of the Gym

Even Light Weight Is Difficult - Will I See Results?

Yes. Much like lifting any other weight though, you will feel the results before seeing them. The Disc was designed to isolate muscles as well as constrict multiple muscles at once. Typically, when curling a dumbbell you will feel resistance only about 40% of the path of weight travel. While, the FitDisc, you will feel resistances 100% of the path because of the required inward force needed.

So, your muscles time under tension will be that of 2.2x more than general weight. The reason light weights will work, is simple – muscle confusion. The Disc is unlike anything you have done, and requires muscle engagement in different ways which will give you results you’re looking for.

My Shoulders Get Tired Quick - Why Is That?

Your shoulders are the point of strain in a number of FitDisc lifts – rotating your arms around now, without weight in your hand there is no resistance, but when you press your palms together it tires them out quicker, which is completely normal and will take some getting use to – sore muscles around the shoulders means its working!

What If It Slips?

We spent 8 months designing the grip and lip alone. The profile of the disc has a very small lip to catch on your wrists should there be any slipping. In addition to the lip, the grip has been designed to give you the best friction between your palms and the disc.

A few suggestions to keep you out of harm’s way is to start light. Don’t over lift before you are comfortable with what you can do. GO SLOW. Slow and steady, focusing on the movement will ensure little to no slipping. Don’t put on lotion right before you lift… should go without saying, but sometimes you may not think about it. if you do put on lotion, try to use a set of lifting gloves.

Any Question

If you still have any doubt, contact us.