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18 May

I’ve been a soccer player my entire life. Starting at the age of 5 I couldn’t live without a ball at my feet. It was my love, my passion, my everything and I spent every minute of everyday I could playing.

That love as a child grew into something even deeper as I got older, trying to follow the footsteps of the greats I vowed I would become a professional soccer player, it’s what I knew, what I loved. So I trained…and trained a lot. Sacrificing so much of my personal life, and at some point I think it was more “well, I’ve come this far might as well continue”

The problem is, I let outside sources determine my future. Drastically changing the entire course of my life. Once a young, motivated soccer player I allowed poor coaching to redirect my passion. Which left me open, no direction no focus.

I tell you this quick snapshot of a small piece of my athletic career to say this – I was always fit, not because I lifted but because I trained, soccer wise…I played 2-3 hours a day, so naturally I was in shape and fit. It wasn’t until I turned away from soccer and realized I needed to do something to keep my fitness levels up and I also realized I HATED running, haha.

I spent 7 years of my adult life just lifting…pushing…lifting…pushing…lifting. Which got me to a fairly strong base, I had a good bench max, squat max etc. All of those were great, but there was something missing…and it became the monotony of working out that got to me. Every Monday was Chest, so, for the last few years that’s all I could remember what to do on Mondays. I knew something had to give when I caught myself sitting in my car waiting to walk into the gym scrolling my phone, looking for something different. Sure, there are a ton of different fitness programs out there – but as I walked into the gym (more of a shuffle) I started to just play around with the weights; the advantages of having the gym to yourself when you workout at 5am.

one of the things I was playing around with was the svend press.

The Problem With the Press

Very simple, in the gym – you come across some pretty standard weights – 5lbs, 10lbs, 25lbs, 45lbs. Sure, when you combine them all – there’s really not a weight you can’t get but the problem is, when you’re trying to finetune your muscles specifically with the svend press. One side of the plate is typically rough, which makes it easy to grip, and if you double them up, you can’t get anything between 10-25.

So, I had an idea…something that happens quite often when I don’t want to do something haha.

Take two of those small plates, strap them into a machine and use the cable machine as the weight adjustment for the svend press…giving me 5lb increment increases. I strapped them in, adjusted the weight and lifted…

I stood there after a few minutes of lifting and said “shit, there’s something here…”

What that was – I wasn’t quite certain yet. Fast forward 2 years, 15 prototypes, 1 patent, 1 trademark and countless pivots – we have the FitDisc.

A truly unique, and one of a kind fitness product that will give you a workout unlike anything you have EVER seen before. The FitDisc is truly something you have to try to fully appreciate. Take a look at what others are saying about it

Our vision is to create products to simply help you train different.


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