Train Different

Tricep Extension

Exercise / Shoulders


Attach the FitDisc to a low (shown high in video) attachment point – on a resistance band or attached to a cable machine. Stand just inside arms length away from the point of contact and turn away. Pick up disc and work place it behind your head on your shoulders. bend your knees to allow for easier placement, once in place on shoulders – stand up straight. Focus on keeping your elbows in, and extend strait up from elbows to hands. Try to push your hands straight to the sky – focusing on keeping elbows locked. Pause at the top, and lower.

  • Slow and Steady
  • The Slower The Better

CAUTION: Use caution before any workout – consult with a doctor if you are unsure whether you should do this workout.


  • Strait Arm – elbows slightly bent
  • Focus on the constriction of the muscles
  • Try to squeeze your palms together


  1. This exercise can be done attached to a Fitness machine (Smith Machine) with an optional cable attachment.
  2. This exercise can be done attached to any fitness resistance bands. Using the attachment end point wrapped under your foot, or attached to a door/wall anchor.